How to dress for Christmas parties and events

The festive season generally involves spending time with family, catching up with friends from near and from afar and being out at social events. It is therefore no surprise that we feel pressured into looking our best. But dressing for Christmas doesn’t need to break the bank and shouldn’t be a cause for anxiety or stress. Whether it’s a cosy family gathering, a raucous office party or a glamorous new years eve bash, there are steps that can be taken to not only look a million dollars, but to also feel great.

A good place to start is with the event itself. Where are you going? Who will be there and is there a dress code? It doesn’t need to be a formal gala dinner for you to apply a dress code, it is simply a good way to define what kind of clothes you need to consider. It may even be, “dress code, pyjamas”

Many Christmas gatherings take place in people's homes so a good way to approach it is to think of appropriate clothing for the season. Try rich, deep colours like burgundy and emerald green to get into the spirit. Velvet, satin, and a touch of sequins can add that touch of festivity and if you’re feeling a little “extra”, add a silk scarf or festive earrings or brooch. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it is comfortable. You could spend long hours out and about so try stretchy waistlines and breathable fits. You don’t want to be trussed up and sweaty.  For new years eve celebrations, let the inner disco ball out to play. Embrace metallics, leather, silver & gold and iridescent fabrics that glisten as you dance. T’is the season after all. Go wild!

Next is the fun part, the accessories. Coco Chanel famously recommended removing one item before you leave the house, and while she was right about so many things, it is not during Christmas that we practise restraint. Now is the time for a statement necklace, snowflake or bauble earrings or even throwing on a Santa hat. Have fun with your accessories. For more formal gatherings or a new years party, head pieces with glistening crystals or a bracelet on your upper arm can elevate a low key elegant suit or dress to something more stylish and interesting. But do not under any circumstances forget your feet. Car-to-bar shoes are fine if that’s literally what you will do, but one thing that can ruin an otherwise memorable night is aching feet. A towering stiletto can be a beautiful thing but if you are going to be on your feet for long periods, limping and grimacing in pain will soon destroy any beauty the shoe had offered. Embrace the flats or if you need a lift, boots with cuban heels will generally carry weary dancing feet. The same applies with makeup. A red lip requires maintenance so think about the event. Will there be a lot of eating? Will you have the opportunity to touch up regularly? Will your sparkling eyeshadow last the pace in a sweaty club? If you are a glamazon who simply must go big with makeup, carry a pocket mirror and don’t be shy about checking your lips.

There are lots of environmentally responsible, sustainable and budget friendly options for those with a full christmas calendar including rental and thrifting. For a ball or gala dinner, hire a gown or tux. You may never wear it again and it costs a fraction of the purchase price. Thrift stores are full of hidden treasures and can often result in unique and original once off pieces. Not to mention low cost.

Overall, the most attractive and indeed the most comfortable choice will be to stay true to your own personal style. If you prefer tailored style clothes, get a beautiful suit and wear it with heels and a blouse at night and trainers with a fun festive t-shirt by day. If you love to sparkle in sequins, pair a glittering skirt with a cosy knit by day, and slip on a corset or fitted polo neck at night. Whatever you do, do you!

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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