Peach Fuzz: The Colour of the Year 2024

The most anticipated event on any design calendar is the announcement of Pantone’s colour of the year. This year it was - drumroll please - Peach Fuzz!! While pink and peach are derived from a similar palette, 2024 was in fact a massive departure from the bold and vivid Viva Magenta of 2023.

Image credit: Color of the Year 2024 by Pantone. 

Peach Fuzz leans into pastels in a big way, but it manages to maintain a level of sophistication that can sometimes be lost on more watercolour versions of pastels. This shade is an accurate and insightful representation of a most contemporary aesthetic. Whether it’s fashion, interiors or other areas of design, it is a proud feminine shade that expresses understated strength and confidence. It also ticks many diversity boxes as it can tone down more hardcore styles and beautifully compliments many rich dark tones, not to mention stunning on all shades of skin colour. It is a colour that reflects a feeling of optimism and rebirth, echoing a widespread yearning for reassurance and positivity.

Peach Fuzz in Spring/Summer 2024 Collections

It is easy to connect Peach Fuzz with a Spring/Summer 2024 palette and it will be interesting to see how designers use it. They are most likely to use this colour in lightweight fabrics such as chiffon, silk, and cotton but it also pops beautifully when paired with bolder shades and fabrics. Tanned skin and the warm peach promises to inject some seasonal charm to the colour.

Embracing Peach Fuzz in Fall/Winter Collections

It is also a very adaptable colour and will be a welcome floral shade in the dark winter months. Whether in interior design or fashion, Peach Fuzz is stunning paired with deeper tones like burgundy, navy, or forest green. Wool, velvet, and leather will also make for an interesting use of such a delicate colour demonstrating the colour's year-round versatility.

Accessorising with Peach Fuzz

If you find that this shade is a little too pastel for your palette, then try accessorising for that pop of colour. Peach Fuzz bags, shoes, scarves, or jewellery can introduce a subtle and elegant addition to your outfit all the while letting the fashion world know that you have your finger on the colour pulse!

Peach Fuzz in Menswear and Gender-Neutral Fashion

Whether it’s gender neutral or simply menswear, this is a colour that transcends categorisation and can be embraced by any style or age. Think casual shorts, shirts and cashmere sweaters. But it doesn't need to stop there. A Peach Fuzz suit paired with either dark greens for winter or dusty blues for spring are bound to turn heads on the streets of any fashion forward city.

Sustainable Fashion and Peach Fuzz

This colour is used in eco-friendly dyes and works with sustainable materials, which aligns with the industry's rising commitment to environmental responsibility. Peach Fuzz in organic cotton, recycled polyester, and other sustainable materials is an integral part of the fashion industry's eco-conscious trend setting thinking.

Peach Fuzz in Fashion and Design

With its warmth and adaptability, Peach Fuzz is poised to become a steadfast part of the 2024 colour palette. Its capacity to transcend seasons, styles, and even industries demonstrates the importance of colour trends in moulding our visual and aesthetic experiences. As we embrace this new colour, we look forward to seeing how designers and companies will bring Peach Fuzz to life. Every year there is another colour and each year heralds another trend, but looking back it is clear to see these choices in the world of design directly correlate with the societal feeling of the time. People are eager for some peace, some warmth and some soft calming colour.

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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