Setting up a sewing machine

Your sewing machine is a vital piece of equipment and plays a major part in your creative toolkit as a fashion designer. Not only must designers imagine and visualise beautiful designs, but they must also possess the technical know-how to make those concepts a reality. Every budding fashion designer should have a solid understanding of how to set up and operate a sewing machine. To make sure you're prepared to start your fashion journey, this blog will walk you through the crucial steps of setting up your sewing machine.

Setting Up Your Sewing Machine

Before embarking on the complicated art of garment manufacturing, it's important to set up your sewing machine properly. The setup may initially feel daunting, but with some practice, it will become second nature to you. To get your machine ready and operating efficiently, follow these steps:

The first step:

Thread the machine. Begin by inserting the thread into the appropriate holder while making sure it goes through each tension slot. This threading procedure is usually approached in a reverse U-shape. Keep in mind to thread the needle seamlessly from front to rear.

The second step:

Checking the tension. Tension is essential for producing well-stitched clothing. Always make sure the tension dial is in the proper place before you begin stitching. As a general rule of thumb, set it around "3", but feel free to modify it based on your fabric and preferred stitch quality.

The third step:

Winding the bobbin. To wind the bobbin, thread it along the machine's top and set it on the appropriate bobbin stand. Start by manually winding the bobbin, making sure the thread is wound tightly. Next, use the presser foot to continue wrapping the thread onto the bobbin while clicking the bobbin stand across. Make sure the bobbin thread is facing you when you place it inside the bobbin case. To hold the bobbin in position, firmly grasp the tab.

The fourth step:

Checking bobbin position. Check that the thread moves through the tension slots without catching. The bobbin should not drop out and should stay firmly in place. The bobbin is not properly inserted into the casing until you hear a click. This makes sure it won't move while you're stitching. Give it a light tap to make sure it's firmly in place because a loose bobbin could tangle the thread.

The fifth step:

Catching the bobbin thread. To bring the sewing needle downward, turn the flywheel while holding the needle thread. This will lift the bobbin thread through the sewing plate and catch it. Once you've successfully engaged both the needle and bobbin threads, you're ready to start sewing!

A close-up image of a sewing machine

Knowing how to set up a sewing machine is an essential skill for fashion designers. By using these steps to make sure your machine is properly set up, you are then free to focus on unlocking your creative potential. Remember that practice makes perfect so don't be afraid to try new things. Think of mistakes as an opportunity to learn.

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Written by: Fiona Byrne

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